2011 World series of poker ladies champion on board

Marsha Wolak the 2011 ladies world champion in poker has today signed up with South bay Lube, Inc. dba jiffylube.Miss Wolak single mom of two has a great need In her travels around USA for reliable service locations on her Toyota Prius.We have offered an confidential agreement with Miss Wolak for 2013-2014. Marsha Wolak will be supported by the best brand out there JiffyLube. We will make sure that Marsha will never have to worry about breaking down while on the road.Marsha Wolak will for the next year represent South Bay Lube, Inc. dbay JiffyLube.org.

Welcome Marsha Wolak to the best lube team out there South Bay Lube, inc. dba jiffylube.

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